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Terms & Conditions



Minimum Booking: $475.00 in services on the wedding day from Friday to Sunday.


A non-refundable deposit of $100  for weddings with $475 in services or less. More than that, 30% of the total cost and a signed contract is required to secure your booking date and timeline. This deposit will be applied towards the total cost of services. Payments are handled via invoice.


The remaining balance must be paid in full 7 days before the wedding date in one single payment method - no exceptions. Payments are handled via invoice. 


Once the contract is signed, the Client is not allowed to reduce services, so please make sure to confirm with the bridal party.

If any of the attendants decides to not get services anymore, or if Client decides to reduce the amount of Bridesmaids in her party, Client should find a replacement  

If any member of the bridal party doesn’t show up to the appointment, the person(s) whose name(s) and signature appear on the contract will be responsible for the payment of the service missed.

 Please be punctual and honor your scheduled start time. We do allow a 15 minutes grace period for your arrival, however, to prevent further delays, your appointment may be limited or shortened due to time constraints.

If you are beyond 15 minutes late we do reserve the right to cancel your appointment, but this will be left at the discretion of the artist. 


20 miles free from artist's location

A travel fee of $0.55 per mile and per artist, to and from the location.

 Please inquire   for long-distance or destination events. A minimal of 5 full services are required for travel beyond 100 miles.


For services booked before 7:00 am., an early start fee of $100 per hour per artist applies.

  Quality & Sanitation

 What should you know about Sol Beautiful Makeup & Style?


Licensed Cosmetologist

High-end quality products and professional tools

Certified Makeup Artist

Hiring SBMS,  is guaranteed not just quality products, tools, and application, but SANITATION.

Before every job, my kits are carefully sanitized and organized.


•Traveling to you for your convenience

Sunny or rainy day, SBMS will be wherever you need and on time!

No need for you to fight the traffic, we'll fight it for you :)


If you are getting ready in a room where there is not enough light, no worries! we have the best quality portable light to make sure that your skin is matched properly with the right foundation.

besides the professional products and tools, I travel with a portable table and chair in case it's needed. (Please, let me know in advance about your location.


Why Should you HireSol Beautiful Makeup & Style?

Award-winner & only 5 stars in bridal and special events. 

I'm here to protect your photography investment by using my expertise to choose the best professional products and colors to enhance your natural beauty.

If you are hesitant, ask yourself this: How much are you spending in your bouquet? your bouquet will be in roughly 10-20% of all wedding photos. Your face will be in 100% of them!


How to prepare for your appointment?

One-Two Months before: This is the time you should schedule your hair and makeup trials. It is important not to schedule your trials too far in advance, as your hair, skin, and taste continue to change. Additionally, I like to leave a little room in between trials and wedding days in case any changes need to be made that require an additional trial. 


Two weeks before: This is around the time you should get any color services if you plan on having it done. This will keep you from having any noticeable regrowth, yet allow for time for corrections if need be. 


The day before: All parties receiving hair services must wash and blow-dry their hair the day before. Please use minimal product. 


The day of: Hair should NOT be washed this day, as the formal styles are best created when working with a day worth of your natural oils (however, more than one day worth of natural oils will have an adverse effect). if you or anyone with fine hair feel as they need to wash their hair the morning of, please ensure hair is 100% blown-dry when we arrive. Extra time for blow-drying is not allotted when scheduling, unless the service requested was a blow-out.

Have ready any pictures or ideas you would like to use as inspiration.


Please be sure to wear a button or zip-up top while receiving services, as to be sure to not ruin your hair and makeup (this step is crucial). Individuals receiving makeup services must have a freshly washed and moisturized face (free of all makeup specially mascara).


Please be sure to be ready on time for your appointments, as it will be a very busy, and very scheduled day. We ask at least half of the party to be present at the start time. The remaining party members may arrive no less than a half-hour after the start time.

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